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Importance of Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions Insurance)

Professional Liability insurance (Errors and Omissions Coverage) is important because it fills a glaring gap in the General Liability policy, which has a professional services exclusion that takes away coverage for lawsuits arising out of the rendering of or failure

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Cyber Risk insurance

Your Vendors Must Have Data Breach Controls

Information provided by The Hartford Do your organizations’ policies require vendors and associates to meet the same network security and data protections standards that your own organization follows?  They should, said Michael Dandini, senior vice president of The Hartford’s management

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Smart Phone Security

Smart Phone Security Risks

Spammers and cyber thieves haven’t given up and gone home. Instead they are adapting to the times and stirring up trouble in other ways, targeting smart phones and social networks, which offer vast amounts of personal information. This is particularly

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cyber liability insurance

Watch Out For Scareware and Rogueware

Millions of people are being tricked into buying or downloading scareware or rogueware. Pop-up windows entice Internet users by telling them their computer is infected.  Users unknowingly click on the pop-up and buy security software that steals their credit card

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Electronic Fraud Overtakes Traditional Theft Losses

Overseas markets pose emerging risks For the first time, major international corporations are reporting higher fraud losses  from electronic theft of data than from physical stealing of assets, cash and inventory.  With 98 percent of businesses affected, China appears to have

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Cyber Liability Insurance

CyberLiability Plus™ Media/Professional Insurance Coverage Highlights Sheet

Ever-Changing Risk Demands Focused Expertise Media/Professional Insurance’s CyberLiability PlusTM policy addresses the rapidly evolving exposures in the world of cyber-risk. The policy is designed for any company providing Internet-related services or using the Internet as part of its business activities.

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Bodily injury claims for tech professionals

The Economics of Ergonomics

It’s not something to be overlooked Think your technology firm’s employees aren’t likely to get injured on the job? Think again. More than half of all workplace injuries are related to musculoskeletal disorders. MSD injuries are common among those who

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Cyber risk management

Rising Demand For Cyber Liability Insurance Coverages

Cyber liability insurance isn’t just for information technology companies. Nearly every class of business should have it if they don’t already.  Many businesses including banks, restaurants, retailers, and medical offices are unaware of the security technology exposure they face. The

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Social Media exposure

Cyber Liability Insurance Needed for Social Network Scams

Cybercriminals are using phishing tactics to gain information from social network sites to tap into corporate networks to steal sensitive data that can result in breach of privacy lawsuits and the need for Cyber Liability insurance for both techs firms and regular businesses

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Fax Blast Class Action Lawsuits

In the Florida Supreme Court case of Penzer v. Transportation Insurance Company, the court ruled that the standard General Liability policy form covers lawsuits alleging that fax blasts are in violation of the federal (TCPA). In this case, a class

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