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Data security

Is Your Computer Safe?

Tips for protecting your business information The question sounds silly, but with reliance on computers and the increase in cyber attacks, it’s a question that needs answered. Computers are prone to viruses, crashes, power surges, and user mistakes that can

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Telecommuting hazards

How Safe are Your Employees Who Work from Home?

  Telecommuting hazards Here’s a question you may not have thought about:  If one of your employee is working at home and is injured, are you responsible? The answer depends on individual circumstances.  For example, electrocution from a faulty cord

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employment practices liability insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

“Why Do I Need It?” Employers of all sizes are exposed to legal actions filed by current or former employees alleging discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and other charges. Employment Practices Liability Insurance covers lawsuits brought by employees (past, present or prospects),

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Preventing Cyber Attacks

Loss control and risk management steps The following risk management controls can help companies avoid losses due to cyber attacks such as viruses, hackers, Trojan horses, malware, denial of service, extortion, errors & ommissions in delivering tech services and, intellectual

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Cyber liability isurance

Identity Theft Coverage

What may not be covered in your Cyber Liability policy Cyber Liability policy forms may or may not cover the following types of identity theft: Pfishing Attacks   Pfishers send emails that highjack the names of trusted companies like banks, credit

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12 Specific Cyber Liability Risks

Analyzing your insurance needs When analyzing a Cyber Liability policy for adequacy, the following specific risks may or may not be covered: Errors & Omissions resulting in economic damages (needed for accounts that perform cyber-related professional services for a fee)

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Non-owned and hired auto insurance

Rental Cars and Hired Car Physical Damage

Getting the most bang out of your insurance buck A client  called the other day to let me know he was going on a business trip, and asked whether or not he should buy the rental car company’s Physical Damage

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Small business insurance

Online Small Business Insurance Quotes

Small businesses perform most of the professional services within the U.S. economy. As a result, they have the greatest need for Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions Liability) insurance. The major problem with small businesses obtaining small business insurance is affordability.

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