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Cyber risk management

Rising Demand For Cyber Liability Insurance Coverages

Cyber liability insurance isn’t just for information technology companies. Nearly every class of business should have it if they don’t already.  Many businesses including banks, restaurants, retailers, and medical offices are unaware of the security technology exposure they face. The

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Social Media Risks To Businesses

Tips for overcoming social media marketing risks More businesses than not are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and other social media sites for marketing purposes. Doing so involves risks that are often not taken into account. Below are examples of

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Deciphering Tech Regulations

Notification Laws, the HITECH Act and Red Flags Rule New regulations are increasing at a rapid rate making it vital for business owners and managers to become familiar with current regulations and compliance dates. State notification laws require businesses to

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Denial of Service Assaults

Cyber attacks on U.S. and South Korean government agencies, companies and institutions have been called the “most aggressive in recent memory.” Attackers use botnets or networks of zombie personal computers that are infected with a virus.  Denial of service comes

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Are Your Laptops Secure?

Laptops are the most common source of data breach Many employees disable the encryption solutions on their laptops, putting their employers at risk for data breaches, according to a study by Absolute Software Corp. and The Ponemon Institute. The study specifies

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Cybe risk insurance

Data Floating In Cyberspace

Do you know how much of your organization’s data is sitting in cyberspace? Vital information about your company and your employees is seeping out and probably into the wrong hands. There are laws in place that require companies to notify

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Preventing Cyber Attacks

Loss control and risk management steps The following risk management controls can help companies avoid losses due to cyber attacks such as viruses, hackers, Trojan horses, malware, denial of service, extortion, errors & ommissions in delivering tech services and, intellectual

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Cyber liability isurance

Identity Theft Coverage

What may not be covered in your Cyber Liability policy Cyber Liability policy forms may or may not cover the following types of identity theft: Pfishing Attacks   Pfishers send emails that highjack the names of trusted companies like banks, credit

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12 Specific Cyber Liability Risks

Analyzing your insurance needs When analyzing a Cyber Liability policy for adequacy, the following specific risks may or may not be covered: Errors & Omissions resulting in economic damages (needed for accounts that perform cyber-related professional services for a fee)

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