Smart Phone Security Risks

Smart Phone Security

Spammers and cyber thieves haven’t given up and gone home. Instead they are adapting to the times and stirring up trouble in other ways, targeting smart phones and social networks, which offer vast amounts of personal information. This is particularly risky for employees who use smart phones for business purposes.

The popularity of apps is opening the door to a wide range of suspicious and malicious applications. Locative services such as Foursquare and Facebook are also a potential problem. These services allow you to easily search, track, and plot the whereabouts of friends and strangers. But cyber criminals can use this information to craft targeted attacks, according to McAfee.

The main way to maintain smart phone security is by encrypting the information. But the McAfee report noted that because of our historically fragile cellular infrastructure and slow strides toward encryption, user and corporate data may face serious risks.

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