Drone and insurance claims

Drone (UAV) Use on Construction Sites

Their benefits in risk management and marketing It didn’t take long for the construction industry to figure out just how helpful drones can be. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) offer financial and safety benefits to both the builder and the

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Construction Defect

Construction Defect Defense Strategy

Get insurer’s approval before you settle. Before settling any construction defect claims, contractors are cautioned to first get their General Liability insurer’s approval. Without the insurer’s approval, contractors risk claim denial, which means the insurer won’t reimburse any settlement amount

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Insurance Audit

Surviving the Dreaded Insurance Audit (Infographic)

Being proactive is the key to a painless audit The word audit can strike fear in the in the heart of any business owner. However, educating yourself and your bookkeeping staff on the process and keeping good records throughout the

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Builders Risk insurance

Should Builders Risk Be Placed by the Owner?

Weighing who should purchase the coverage We are routinely asked by our builder clients whether it’s acceptable to have the homeowner purchase and carry the Builders Risk coverage.  The following are some points to ponder: Are your materials covered while in

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Workers' Comp injuries and migrant workers

Injuries at Employer-provided Housing

Are they covered under Workers’ Compensation? In the case at hand, a migrant worker was injured when he fell on a wet sidewalk at housing supplied by his employer. The bunkhouse rule was argued and the rule acknowledges that there are circumstances

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