Builder general liabiity insurance

Court Rules on Damage Caused by Faulty Work

Court cases nationwide are split on the issue of whether or not construction defects are considered as occurances.

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S.C. Supreme Court contractor ruling

Crossmann is a Bad Decision for S.C. Contractors

Bill aims to counter Crossmann ruling and force General Liability Policies to cover construction defects The recent Crossmann decision by the South Carolina Supreme Court is a bad decision that distorts the intent of the drafters of the General Liability policy and

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Court ruling on Builder General Liability

Bad Decision in Crossmann v. Harleysville Case

Court ruling is detrimental to builders and homeowners in South Carolina In the recent case of Crossmann v. Harleysville filed on January 7, 2011, the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that faulty workmanship that results in property damage to a builder’s

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