Tech Professional Services Not Covered by General Liability

But exclusions can be overcome Tech companies and IT professionals need General Liability to provide coverage for negligence claims or lawsuits alleging bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury. Many General Liability policy forms have an exclusion which takes away

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Contractor insurance

General Liability Increase Expected for Construction Firms

A report by Marsh states that the U.S. construction industry should expect rate increases of up to 15% in the commercial General Liability market, due to years of soft market conditions. “This comes against the backdrop of medical cost inflation

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Web Site 101: How To Know If Your Web Site Exposes You To Claims

How to know if your website exposes you to claims Be aware that websites containing a chat room, bulletin board or any other type of interactive exchange that can be viewed by others exposes you to a greater risk of litigation. 

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Crossmann v. Harleysville

Rehearing on Crossmann v. Harleysville Ordered

Contractors looking for state supreme court reversal On March 9, 2011, the South Carolina Supreme Court granted a petition for a rehearing on the controversial Crossmann v. Harleysville decision, which was the subject matter of two prior blog posts.* Hopefully,

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Court ruling on Builder General Liability

Bad Decision in Crossmann v. Harleysville Case

Court ruling is detrimental to builders and homeowners in South Carolina In the recent case of Crossmann v. Harleysville filed on January 7, 2011, the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled that faulty workmanship that results in property damage to a builder’s

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Defective drywall

Chinese Drywall Problems Are Huge

“The property loss from Chinese drywall could exceed every U.S. hurricane except Katrina and Andrew.” The complaints received by the Consumer Products Safety Commission show that the impact of Chinese drywall will be widespread.  Between 2004-2006, an estimated 500 million

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Fax Blast Class Action Lawsuits

In the Florida Supreme Court case of Penzer v. Transportation Insurance Company, the court ruled that the standard General Liability policy form covers lawsuits alleging that fax blasts are in violation of the federal (TCPA). In this case, a class

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Builder general liabiity insurance

General Liability Claim for Toppled House Denied

In the case at hand, a contractor that was hired to build new piers for a house accidentally allowed the house to fall off the piers resulting in $26,000 in damages. The Connecticut Superior Court ruled that the business risk

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Stucco exclusion

Builder General Liability Exclusions

A Brief History The building industry is constantly experimenting with new building products and techniques in an effort to reduce costs, become more efficient, and to add value. Sometimes these products don’t stand the test of time as unforeseen problems

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Bankruptcy Law and contracctors

Contractors and Bankruptcy Law

A legal expert offers advice Many residential contractors filed for bankruptcy protection as a result of the 2008 economic downturn. With this in mind, I came across an excellent article on bankruptcy from the contractor’s perspective. This article was written

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