Small business insurance

Small Business Technology Insurance

 Affordable solutions for small business owners We understand the importance of proper coverage for your business. As a leading technology insurance company, we know that small businesses are experiencing an ever-increasing capacity for work. As a result, you also have a

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Insurance for Techs – An IT Insurance Company for Today’s Times

Insurance for Techs delivers outstanding performance when it comes to information technology insurance. As an IT insurance company, we believe in client service above and beyond your highest expectations, achieved through a consistent commitment to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer

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Preventing Tech Insurance Claims

6 Security Tips for Preventing Insurance Claims

Security Considerations that Can Prevent Claims Under Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) and General Liability Insurance 1. Adopt as many of the following security elements as feasible: Security firewall Protocols meeting X.509 standards Routers Secure remote dial-up or access Proxy

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Quality control

4 Quality Control Tips that Can Reduce Claims

Over the past several years we have seen an increasing trend of claims resulting from quality control problems. Below are some tips that will help your Professional Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance underwriters feel more comfortable with your  risk

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Information Technology Liabilities

Technology and Software Service Providers Stretch Summary

SUMMARY OF COVERAGE LIMITS  This is a summary of the Coverages and the Limits of Insurance provided by the Stretch Coverage form SS 40 12, which is included in this policy. No coverage is provided by this summary. Refer to coverage

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Errors & Omissions

Top Reasons to Write High Tech with The Hartford

SPECTRUM for Technology Business Direct access for Hartford Agents to top professional technology liability products, no need to go through an MGA or Wholesaler. Admitted coverage for Tech E&O on our FailSafe MEGA coverage part to SPECTRUM in all but

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