FailSafe MEGA Technology Coverage

Win more technology accounts with The Hartford’s technology E&O coverage

FailSafe MEGA is The Hartford’s technology errors and omissions coverage part that’s designed exclusively for our small business insurance package, Spectrum.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of FailSafe MEGA that may be especially valuable for your small technology clients:

  • Claims first made and reported coverage part
  • Admitted coverage part
  • Universal coverage territory
  • Defense within the limits
  • Up to $1 million in limits available
  • Minimum premium range from $800 to $1,250 for a limit of $1 million
  • Minimum retention of $2,500
  • Technology services defined
  • Agency quote capability in ICON

Target Market

FailSafe MEGA is ideal for small technology companies that offer the following types of services:

  • Development, sales, installation, integration and/or maintenance of:
    – Hardware
    – Packaged software
    – Custom software
  • Consulting services
  • Web site design
  • Systems outsourcing/systems facilities management/administration
  • Application services/leasing (ASP, MSP, etc.)
  • E-commerce applications

Risks that Don’t Fit

There are some risks for which FailSafe MEGA is not designed. These include technology companies that are involved in:

  • Environmental testing and remediation
  • Factory automation/process control
  • Medical diagnostic/patient care
  • Aerospace/defense
  • Emergency response
  • Structural architecture
  • Internet access

To Learn More

Spectrum offers small technology businesses much more than what’s mentioned here. For full details on coverage and eligibility, contact your Select Customer Sales Representative.

This is a fact sheet, not a policy. This fact sheet does not replace or change the FailSafe MEGA technology errors and omissions liability coverage part.
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