Security Breach

Data Breaches Growing Rapidly

Tech Companies Uninsured Over the past several years, there have been over 225 million reported consumer data breaches. This year alone, there have been more than 30 million reported security breaches of consumer data. No one knows the actual numbers since it is suspected

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Who doesn’t need cyber insurance these days?

Large and small businesses risk security breaches We might as well call them artists because their creativity knows no bounds. Cyber criminals are constantly outsmarting software developers and IT professionals. The average annual cost of a cybercrime in the U.S.

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Deciphering Tech Regulations

Notification Laws, the HITECH Act and Red Flags Rule New regulations are increasing at a rapid rate making it vital for business owners and managers to become familiar with current regulations and compliance dates. State notification laws require businesses to

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Cybe risk insurance

Data Floating In Cyberspace

Do you know how much of your organization’s data is sitting in cyberspace? Vital information about your company and your employees is seeping out and probably into the wrong hands. There are laws in place that require companies to notify

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