Technology Professionals

Information Technology Liabilities

Technology and Software Service Providers Stretch Summary

SUMMARY OF COVERAGE LIMITS  This is a summary of the Coverages and the Limits of Insurance provided by the Stretch Coverage form SS 40 12, which is included in this policy. No coverage is provided by this summary. Refer to coverage

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Errors & Omissions

Top Reasons to Write High Tech with The Hartford

SPECTRUM for Technology Business Direct access for Hartford Agents to top professional technology liability products, no need to go through an MGA or Wholesaler. Admitted coverage for Tech E&O on our FailSafe MEGA coverage part to SPECTRUM in all but

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Professional Liability Insurance

Spectrum® with FailSafe® for Small Technology Businesses

Customized Insurance for Technology Businesses Managing a technology business is never easy. In fact, it’s getting tougher. Your customers want services performed at the speed of light, with cutting-edge technology and razor sharp accuracy. You get it right 99 times

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FailSafe MEGA Technology Coverage

Win more technology accounts with The Hartford’s technology E&O coverage FailSafe MEGA is The Hartford’s technology errors and omissions coverage part that’s designed exclusively for our small business insurance package, Spectrum. Key Features Here are some of the key features

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FailSafe Technology Liability

Professional liability crash protection designed exclusively for technology businesses These days, any business could be sued. But technology companies are especially prone to lawsuits, and those lawsuits can be very costly. Consider what would happen if your technology firm was

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Hartford’s FailSafe

A product for the evolving insurance needs of the technology industry FailSafe, The Hartford’s suite of professional liability products for technology companies. Available in three increasingly powerful forms – MEGA, GIGA, and TERA – it meets the needs of virtually any size technology business.

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Social Media exposure

Cyber Liability Insurance Needed for Social Network Scams

Cybercriminals are using phishing tactics to gain information from social network sites to tap into corporate networks to steal sensitive data that can result in breach of privacy lawsuits and the need for Cyber Liability insurance for both techs firms and regular businesses

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Deciphering Tech Regulations

Notification Laws, the HITECH Act and Red Flags Rule New regulations are increasing at a rapid rate making it vital for business owners and managers to become familiar with current regulations and compliance dates. State notification laws require businesses to

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Intellectual property

Trends in Tech Patent Litigation

A study of patent litigation in the high tech arena reveals what types of plaintiffs initiate litigation the most frequent types of lawsuits. This helps to predict the risks of patent infringement and the need for patent infringement insurance. It

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Professional liability insurance

Can I Get My Professional Liability Quote Over the Phone?

Yes, but there’s a better way. A frequently asked question we get is “If I give you my information, why can’t you give me my Professional Liability quote over the phone?” The answer is simple: We don’t want to waste your time or

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